Small to Medium Meeting Room Solution – Poly Studio

Are you ready to make a lasting connection in your video calls? The new Poly Studio for Small to Medium Meeting rooms allows you to speak like you are in the room! Hear from CompNow’s Emily Hulme about how the Poly Studio can transform the way you communicate.

As offices around the world continue to report low occupancy levels and working from home becomes more and more prevalent, we’re hitting record numbers of video calls. Whist this comes with its benefits, this also come with its challenges. Privacy and clear communication can be hard achieve in an open plan office. But the new Poly Studio has you covered.

Included is onboard NoiseBlockAI for keeping you focused on what’s being said, as well as Acoustic barrier to keep out any unwanted noise, whist the automatic framing gives you a more personal feel. Finally, cloud based management tools so IT can stay in control across multiple meeting rooms at once.

At the centre of your meeting room you have the Touch Controller – enabling you to manage your meeting room experience by controlling camera framing options such as speaker frame or group frame. It also makes it radically simpler to switch cameras in a multi-camera setup.

CompNow have a great solution with Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro which empowers your organisation to manage your Teams Rooms solutions remotely giving larger organisations full control across multiple meeting rooms.

Would you like to know more about the Poly Studio, or CompNow’s Financing solutions? Then please get in touch.

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