Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 – Hands-On

Go blazing fast while working in sophisticated style with the brand-new Surface Laptop 5! Hear from CompNow’s Caroline De Dios & Trevor Bernard about what the next generation in the Surface Laptop family has to offer.

If your work life is split between working in the office and at home, then you want the beautiful pixel sense display so you can work in any lighting condition. This, combined with the Intel 12th Gen EVO processor makes sure you have all the power you need.

Supporting your fleet of the devices through CompNow’s purchasing options enables your school or organisation to create to business case you need.

On top of all this, the Surface Laptop 5 has incredible battery life and a lightweight design so you can take it with you anywhere.

Would you like to know more about the Surface Laptop 5, or CompNow’s Financing solutions? Then please get in touch.

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