Microsoft Surface Launch New Pro 9, Laptop 5 and Studio 2+

Early this morning we saw Microsoft Surface release the next generation of windows computing. Watch as CompNow’s Trevor Bernard gives you the rundown of this morning’s latest news from Microsoft Surface.

Early this morning we saw Microsoft Surface release the next generation of windows computing. This announcement lined up with the 10 year anniversary of Microsoft Surface entering the market and from our point of view it has been an incredible change to what is possible for our education, corporate and government clients.

First up, is the new Surface Laptop 5. This is one of the most popular clam shell laptops that we integrate with our clients.

Laptop 5 comes with an all day battery life of 18 hours and fast charge, which means you can charge up to 50% or 9 hours of usage in just 30 minutes.

It also has thunderbolt 4 on board allowing you to connect two 4k monitors. You also now get Dolby Vision for better colour accuracy and Dolby Atomos for an immersive audio experience.

Next, this is something we are really excited about. The new Pro 9 and Pro 9 with 5G.

The Pro 9 comes with a 12th Gen Intel EVO processor and 13”pixel sense display all while maintaining its iconic kickstand and portability.

With this latest release the Pro 9 now has a 5G option meaning the next generation of Pro X model has now been integrated into the Pro 9 family.

This portable workhorse with its arm based processor has an amazing 19 hours of battery life, giving you to power to go all day out and about while staying on top of your work.

Both models of the Pro 9 have the built for purpose front facing camera, speakers and microphones give you an immersive video calling experience.
We were really impressed with the powerful noise cancelling and what that means for being able to work in more places without interruptions.

Finally, the new Surface Studio 2+, the ultimate creators canvas. Powered by a 12th Gen Intel processor and an Nvidia 3060 it is ready to handle your endless creativity.

Around the back it has 3 thunderbolts ports as well as ethernet and some USB-A ports to give you the flexibility to connect what you need.

The 13 and a half million pixels will make you feel closer than ever to your creativity. Microsoft Surface’s, Panos Panay said it best calling the Surface Studio 2+ a floating sheet of Pixels with its Zero gravity hinge.

This, like all of the Surface devices you have seen today is perfectly integrated in to Windows 11 meaning that when you are ready to go touch first then so is windows 11.

If you would like to know more about the latest from Microsoft Surface, or how to get the most for your Surface deployment, talk to us about a CompNow PowerUp.

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