M365 Copilot, Surface Laptop Studio 2, Laptop Go 3, Go 4 and Surface Hub 3 Announced

In the early hours of this morning Microsoft Announced its Laptop Studio 2, Laptop Go 3, Go 4 and Surface Hub 3 alongside Microsoft 365 Copilot. Watch Compnow Microsoft Surface Specialist, Trevor Bernard give you the wrap up below.


Microsoft 365 Copilot & Copilot on Windows

First up is Copilot. Since the launch of ChatGPT last year and then its integration into Bing on May 4th this year Microsoft have been looking to fundamentally transform your computing. This everyday AI companion has a full understanding of your files, emails and chat to collate and summarise this information into communications back to your team. Copliot for Enterprise makes that even more secure locking all of that data only to your organisation’s users.
We were really excited for the integration of chat into outlook to assist with prioritising my inbox while also being able to reorganise information into a much more readable format.

We also saw new powerful features in Microsoft designer giving you the power of generative fill and background removal right where you need it.


These functions are also available on mobile now with Bing Chat enterprise through the Edge App. This gives you all the power of the Bing chat wherever you are with access to all your M365 files.

Copilot on Windows 11 will be releasing on September 26th and M365 Copilot will be available November 1st.

Surface Laptop Go 3

We also saw the new Surface Laptop Go 3 announced. The 15 hours of battery and only weighing 1.13kgs makes it a great portable device for the classroom and workplace.

We have a lot of our education and corporate clients with these laptops in their environment and we are excited to see these in the wild.

Surface Go 4

We also have the new Surface Go 4 for Business. This 2-in-1 design now has a 12.5 hour battery for better on the go support.

The biggest change is the NFC integration allowing for front line workers to access their device with a swipe card such as YubiKey.

Surface Laptop Studio 2

Microsoft Surface latest powerhouse was also announced in the Surface Laptop Studio 2. This device got a massive upgrade, coming in 2x faster than the previous generation.

With upto 2TB of storage, 64GB of RAM and either a Nvidia 4050, 4060 or RTX 2000 graphics card this laptop is designed for some serious processing.

The upgraded CPU is what’s going to make the biggest different to speed with the 14 core Intel 13th Gen processing unit.

With every hardware announcement there were powerful software improvements made and to maximise that we also saw the integration of the all-new Intel Neural Processing Unit to enable all of the latest Windows 11 features.

These new laptops will be available October 3rd.

Surface Hub 3

Lastly, we saw the release of an update to the Surface Hub 3. This update brings Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows to the forefront with a complete UI redesign and a much more integrated solution.

The Surface Hub 3 also comes with smart rotation to give you even more flexibility when working collaboratively.

You can upgrade your existing Surface Hub 2S buy purchasing a Surface Hub 3 Pack and this brings you all the exciting software upgrades that comes with the Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows experience.

You can Pre-Order the Surface Hub 3 today and they will be arriving later this year.

There were some really big announcements this morning and will genuinely change the future of work and how we collaborate and communicate. If you would like to know more or have a demo of these new devices, please get in touch with your Compnow Account Manager or email us on [email protected]

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