Windows 11 Launch – Upgrade Today

CompNow Systems Engineer, Ella Strong takes you through the exciting changes in the new Windows 11 as well as what to know before upgrading.

Windows 11 has been designed to address new security threats that have appeared in our current environment especially with people working from home and in the office, Windows 11 gives a fantastic user experience with better split screening and easier reconnection to your extra monitors for IT managers, you can roll out Windows 11 throughout your organisation using your current management tools (Microsoft Endpoint Manager).

Once you are on Windows 11 the quality updates will be easier for your users, remember the big updates in Windows 10? In Windows 11 these are much smaller and efficiently packaged this combined with quicker installers, updates will be seamless going forwards.

The great thing about Windows 11 is that 99.7 percent of apps that run on Windows 10 will run on Windows 11, this means for users in your organisation the upgrade will be smoother than ever, if you have a specific app that you are concerned about check out test base for Microsoft 365 to test your business critical apps, there is a link below to access this.

Before upgrading its important to understand that not every Windows device is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 11 has a range of new minimum system requirements, the main one that can be trouble for older devices upgrading is the lack of TPM, or Trusted Platform Module, the module is effectively an extra layer of security, this is being enforced to make Windows 11 the safest Windows ever.

Download Windows 11 here

Microsoft 365 Test Base:

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