WWDC 2022

This years WWDC22 had a huge focus on device management and making Mac’s first class citizens in enterprise deployments. CompNow’s Damian Cavanagh and Jamf’s Marcus Ransom give you the full rundown and key take-aways from this years WWDC.

Marcus and Damian covered topics such as; New ways of working with Software Updates, Managed Migration Assistant, Identity and Authentication and so much more.



Based on industry standards for account authentication, passkeys are easier to use than passwords and far more secure. Adopt passkeys to give people a simple, secure way to sign in to your apps and websites across platforms — with no passwords required.


macOS Ventura makes the things you do most on Mac even better, with powerful new ways to get more done, share and collaborate in your favourite apps, immerse yourself in next‑level games and take full advantage of your other devices.


Below you can watch Damian’s initial coverage of the keynote on the morning of the event.

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Early on the morning of the 6th of June 2022 at Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) we heard about the new generation of Apple Silicon processors with the M2. Alongside this the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13″ were announced utilising the new M2 processor.

Our very own Damian Cavanagh has given us the perfect recap of the updates for our education and corporate clients. See below.

Also announced was MacOS 13 Ventura. We noted three key improvements with this upgrade, enhancements to spotlight search, including searching live text in images and videos, Safari Passkeys for the future of password-less logins and Continuity camera, which allows you to use you iPhone as your Webcam with centre stage, Portrait mode and Studio light effect. This feature allows you to also use the ultra wide camera to view your desk and present what’s in front of you.

iOS and iPadOS also got an upgrade with iOS users being able to customise the lock screen and more live text enhancements. iPadOS on the other hand gain three really useful features in: Stage Manager, giving iPad user more powerful multitasking, External Display support for M1 models up to 6K, Desktop class apps and display scaling.

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