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If you have a child in prep to Year 12 schooling, you’ve likely encountered the idea of BYOD in schools. ‘Bring your own device’ in schools is an approach that values the intellectual opportunities offered through the inclusion of information technology in the classroom.

BYOD Pros and Cons

Of course, there are BYOD pros and cons – for students, parents, and schools. CompNow’s K-12 education expertise means we’re here to guide you through making BYOD in schools as safe, effective and rewarding as possible.

Pros – The rise of BYOD program in schools delivers several benefits:

  • Students learn to effectively engage in their classroom using the skills they’ll need in the workforce (in future)
  • Teachers can engage students in the language that’s most meaningful to them
  • The focus shifts from passive learning to active, creating learning experiences that last

Cons – The adoption of BYOD programs can be a challenge for teachers, particularly those with traditional teaching methods that rely heavily on paper and pens. It also requires some careful management to keep students safe in the online environment. However, CompNow are here to help with a smooth transition to this technology.


Learn About Our Solutions

We want to help educators learn how to make the most of their school’s BYOD program.

The use of a BYOD student portal allows teachers to compile information in a central place for their students – for example, through discussion boards or online resources that can be accessed and built upon both inside and outside of school hours. The use of a central, trusted home for these kinds of interactions also minimises security risks to the school and to students. A student portal for BYOD grows the teacher-student relationship in important new ways – we’re excited to help you harness technology and all its possibilities for your students!

Our tailored technology management services and experts are here to help your school stay up-to-date and deliver the most effective educational experience. Call or contact us online to get started today.

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