Manage your school’s visitors and contractors with Passtab & Compnow.

With Passtab at your school, the registration of all visitors, contractors, staff and students is easy and efficient. An iPad at school entry points allows people to register quickly with tap in RFID, QR code scan or a personal QuickPIN. Passtab also takes visitor management to the next level with the addition of induction and compliance management.

Compnow are able to assist you in getting your personalised visitor management solution setup and working perfectly in your school.

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Flexible and customised school visitor management.

Passtab is the leading visitor management solution for primary, secondary and private schools. With an emphasis on understanding the changing needs of schools and our belief in ongoing improvement, Passtab will continue to be a system that meets your every requirement.

School’s favourite customised features:

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    School Visitor Registration

    Manage sign in types such as contractors, volunteers, parents and relief staff. Collect different information from each during the sign in/sign out process.

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    Powerful options using email or SMS. Notify teachers of student movements. Alert staff to the arrival of their visitor. Email key contacts when a sign in flags certain conditions against a registration.

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    Student late arrivals and early departures are a speciality of the Passtab system with clear and concise reporting for day-to-day operations or emergency situations.

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    Regular Visitors

    Issue a QuickPIN, barcode or QR code to regular visitors for a faster school sign in process.

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    Options include custom designed printed badges, a range of visitor lanyards, a photograph of each visitor or drivers license.

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    Terms & Policies

    Agreement to terms of entry or school policies. Check if visitors have the relevant children/police checks or if contractors have completed your induction.

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    We work with you to find out exactly how you’d like Passtab to operate and what outcomes you’d like to achieve.

School emergency or evacuation

A school emergency incident requires speed, accuracy, and accountability. Passtab delivers fast, accurate reporting of everyone signed into or out of your school. Authorised school staff are able to view live reports using their mobile phones and highlight each person’s name as they are accounted for.

Real-time emergency list for access from any internet connected device.
Accessible by multiple school staff for high coverage during an emergency.


Dynamic student tracking and alerts

The Passtab system dynamically manages student late arrivals, early departures and returning to school with clear and concise reporting.

By enabling Passtab notification features the relevant teacher can be alerted when a student signs in late or leaves early.

SMS and Email Notifications

Passtab will send SMS* or email notifications to one or more nominated people where an immediate alert to specific information is required.

Alerts are typically used for:

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    Arrival of a school visitor

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    Emergency alerts

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    After hours to nominated school staff

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    Shared custody arrangements

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    Student late arrivals to class teacher

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    Student early leavers to class teacher

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    Inform school visitors of details pertinent to their arrival or departure

  • *Additional costs for SMS apply.


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