Bring Esports to your school with The FUSE Cup

The FUSE Cup is an international network of schools connected in providing students with an opportunity to participate in a safe, supportive & structured Esports competition.

With age appropriate games and a focus on digital wellbeing – teaching about controlling gaming addictions, gambling, sleep and more, with support from the Kids Helpline and The Office of the eSafety Commissioner – The FUSE Cup are a great organisation that we are excited to be partnered with.

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What is The FUSE Cup?

The FUSE Cup is coordinated by leading, internationally regarded and respected educators with vast experience in implementing excellent programs within various school settings. We are committed to providing all students with a fun, challenging and rewarding Esports experience.

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    Has three age divisions – Year 5&6, Year 7&8 and Year 9&10
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    Utilise Player Code of Conduct documentation for players and families
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    Values focused – safe, inclusive, structured, supportive & social
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    Focused on digital wellbeing, developing positive gaming behaviours alongside partners, Kids Helpline and supported by The Office of the eSafety Commissioner

The FUSE Cup Esports Store

We have a range of eSport & gaming solutions in our specialised ordering portal for Australian Schools competing in The FUSE Cup. From games to consoles to accessories and even some bundle deals to get you set up.

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Digital Wellbeing

As adults, we understand that our wellbeing is multifaceted. The FUSE Cup know that leading a balanced lifestyle of regular physical activity with emotional and social connections with others is good for our mental, social, emotional and physical wellbeing. But what about our digital wellbeing? And, how could unstructured and excessive gaming impact us?

This is exactly why The FUSE Cup are so passionate about helping students develop positive gaming behaviours early on. Students need to understand that excessive gaming can have long lasting negative impacts on many aspects of their lives. Through partnerships with professional Esports teams like Order, students hear first hand from professional players how excessive gaming is not only damaging but actually leads to poor performance.

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Ingrained values to help students grow.



Integrity is at the core of The FUSE Cup. It is a foundational value that is important in many aspects of life. Players must develop personal integrity and self respect, this means not using any negative self talk when things don’t go to plan. They must show respect for their opponents, their schools and the rules of the competition at all times.


It’s totally normal to be upset and disappointed when things don’t go to plan. We get it. However, how we handle that disappointment is really important and can help us develop strength of character and resilience. It is therefore important that all players deal with their disappointment positively during all training and competitive situations.


Gaming is for absolutely everybody and can be used as a tool to bring people together. By being open and including everybody, players learn how conduct themselves and how to interact positively with other players, specifically during game play. It is a FUSE Cup requirement that all players wish each other “Good Luck” at the beginning of a competitive game and acknowledge their opponent’s efforts at the end of the game with “Good Game”.


Encouraging your teammates and showing team spirit and pride adds to the atmosphere of any event. Team captains play a huge role in ensuring their teammates and connected and support each other throughout the heats, semi-finals and finals. Learning to be an effective and encouraging team member is another vital life skill.

Aligned with great wellbeing partners to ensure child safety

The FUSE Cup work closely with leading organisations who offer support and expertise in assisting young gamers and families who are experiencing issues surrounding excessive gaming.

Our key partnership with Kids Helpline assists students in understanding where they can access free support services for any issues whatsoever. Anytime. Any Reason.

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Learn More about The FUSE Cup for your schools

Are you keen to get involved but you’re not too sure how the idea of establishing Esports will go down at school? You’re not alone. As Esports is a relatively new concept for some school leaders, many educators have asked us for assistance or documentation that they could use when presenting to their school.

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