Deploying video surveillance on your network incorrectly could make your business less secure and impact network security.

History of Network Security Management

In the past, video surveillance solutions were analogue and ran over physically segregated networks with no integration to a company’s corporate network. This led to video networks being managed outside of the traditional IT department.

With the move to smart network-based cameras, speakers & access control systems, these organisational silos and technology walls are coming down. The shift to network-based video surveillance has many advantages. However, it also introduces new challenges such as device onboarding, security, and ensuring the quality of video traffic across the entire network.

CompNow offers network security services with teams that can work in a more integrated way to ensure that your business is not exposed to unnecessary risk.

Our Managed Network Security Services

The threat of security breaches is always a concern, more so with the influx of IoT (Internet of Things) devices onto enterprise networks. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure the secure onboarding of devices to the corporate network.

The spate of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, in particular, the attack on Dyn DNS that temporarily brought down Twitter, Spotify and other sites, has highlighted the potential threat posed by IoT networked devices connecting to organisations’ networks insecurely.

Axis Communications and Extreme Networks have worked together to create a converged technology solution, for fast, secure onboarding of devices. Partnering with these technology vendors, and many others, CompNow are able to provide the best solutions for your organisation.

Extreme’s Fabric Attach is an extension of its Fabric Connect technology providing an automated network that dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of operations compared to a traditional network.

Features and Benefits Include

  • Fast, secure onboarding of Axis devices via automated setup of the VLAN, quality of service (QoS), security policy and the flexibility to make changes, all policy driven by NAC (Network Admission Control).
  • Automated decommissioning of the network service when a camera is removed, thereby removing any backdoor entry points to the network.
  • Scalable, resilient and easy to manage multicast. Extreme has taken the complexity out of multicast routing enabling multiple HD video flows to be sent as a single traffic flow, increasing network efficiency.
  • Inherent security with stealth networking. Extreme Fabric Connect is inherently secure; even proving to be unbreakable in multiple hack-a-thon events. This technology enables the creation of private virtual networks within a campus to segment and protect critical applications, devices or users.
  • Built-in application layer visibility to help you understand what is running on your network; baseline traffic for security and performance monitoring; perform root cause analysis, and prevent shadow IT by blocking unwanted applications.

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The convergence and integration of technologies from Extreme Networks and Axis Communications means that organisations can buy more secure, more cost-effective services from fewer suppliers, achieving faster, richer deployments based upon validated and proven designs.

Talk to our technicians by calling us or email our team for more information on our network security services.

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