Apple School Manager is a service that lets you buy content, configure automatic device enrolment in your mobile device management (MDM) solution and create accounts for your students & staff.

Benefits of Apple MDM

Apple School Manager is one central place for admins to create Apple IDs, build courses and access everything you need to start using iPads in your school; All from the web browser on your Mac or PC.

The benefits of this Apple device manager setup include:

  • Fast Setup: A built-in setup assistant provides step-by-step instructions to create Managed Apple IDs, enrol IT administrators, purchase content, manage device enrolment & more.
  • Manage MDM Enrolment: Quickly find devices your school has purchased through Apple or CompNow. You can also oversee Apple MDM server information, configure enrolment settings & streamline device setup.
  • Course Delivery: Now it’s even simpler for teachers to create and deliver lessons with iTunes U. Schools can train their staff members with the iTunes U Course Manager, then use Managed Apple IDs to connect teachers and students.
  • Buy & Distribute: It’s easy to make volume purchases of books and apps. Your education discount is automatically applied to the apps you buy. And you can distribute or remove materials to students or staff with a few keystrokes.
  • Account Creation: The Apple School Manager setup lets you securely access all of your school’s key enrolment information. By connecting to your Student Information System, you can set up IT managers, create accounts, and locate students, staff and classes.

Contact Us to Learn More

We offer onsite or remote training to assist schools with mobile device management for Apple. Call or email us for more information.

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