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Say hello to the future of meeting room solutions with the HP Presence! Watch the video below to hear from CompNow’s Emily Hulme about this fantastic Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium integrated device and how it can enhance your hybrid work space.

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We were lucky enough to get our hands on some of the first HP Presence, meeting room solutions in the country and from the minute we opened the box we were really impressed with the connectivity and ease of installation.

What really captured our eye was the See 4K AI Camera. This camera is clear and reactive to your every move and really is plug-and-play. the Automatic framing was top notch and that combined with the picture-in-picture really is a game changer for those meeting rooms that are long and its hard to tell who is speaking. This creates a much more human connection even when you’re not in the room.

We had the HP Presence Control model and this particular device is designed for the small and medium size meeting rooms up to about 8 people. There is also a larger size model, the HP Presence Control Plus, that enable a larger microphone array for the larger meeting rooms.

Both models have the low profile screen with Bang & Olufsen mics and speakers that blends beautifully into any meeting room.

On the side of the Control is the HP Presence’s secret weapon with the USB-C and HDMI ports. These not only allow you to share content with the Teams meeting, but also gives you ‘Guest Access’, unlocking the 4K AI Camera, Mics and Speakers for other meeting providers such as Zoom and Webex.

This is all powered by an HP Mini Conferencing PC mounted under the table, out of sight and out of mind. All of the required mounting solutions are included in the box.

CompNow has a great solution with Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium which empowers your organisation to manage your Teams Rooms solutions, remotely giving larger organisations full control across multiple meeting rooms.

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