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It’s JNUC time again! The Jamf Nation User Conference is currently being held in Texas, the big release this year is Jamf Pro 11. This update comes with a refreshed user interface, tab support as well as integrations with Slack and Teams. Watch Compnow Pre-Sales Engineer, Damian Cavanagh’s JNUC Recap the keynote below.


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With this release also came support for Apple’s Declarative Device Management allowing admins to schedule and enforce updates on MDM devices automatically. If you would like to learn more about this check out our recent Jamf Webinar series here.


Jamf Connect got an update with the integration of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), this was supported by some great presentations on having better security hygiene with the improvement of compliance and vulnerability management workflows.

Multiple times in today’s session, the topic of Employee Choice was mentioned as the IT industry’s new normal. So many of the features we’ve learned about today, or enhancements to features we’ve known and loved already, make supporting an employee’s chosen device and platform easier than ever. As one of the Compnow team that focuses heavily on the delivery of Choice programs, It’s fantastic to see Jamf make it even easier.

Watch our webinar series with the link below.

If you’re not able to attend JNUC 2023 virtually but still want some great Jamf content, see our recent webinar series. Each session’s a great resource for the big picture around modern device management, identity, and security, and today’s announcements only enhance what our teams discuss.

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