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The Compnow team has had the pleasure of working with QUT to revolutionise their technology lifecycle from procurement to the recycling of old devices. This grew into a true partnership where QUT’s success was and is Compnow’s success. Over the course of this project, trust was created, not only between QUT and Compnow but between the unified IT team and the university. Nathan Clark, Associate Director says: “The broadening of ideas about how to solve problems is one of the most exciting outcomes from working with Compnow.”

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In what has become a trusted, open and flexible partnership, Compnow and QUT designed new procurement and deployment services. QUT’s IT practices have been remodeled and refinanced to a centralised model. Compnow and QUT have integrated systems for end-to-end transparency. The workflows allow stock and the customer journey to be followed, at every step, from procurement to disposal. Nathan says: “At any time we can find where a device is, whether it is deployed or being repaired or repurposed.”

With 80% of tasks now automated, QUT can scale as never before. The team can move up to 100 devices and 150 displays a week. Device delivery once took up to two months and is now completed in two days. Three Compnow technicians are on site at QUT in deployment roles. “They’re aligned with our goals, they wear QUT uniforms and have our security accesses, so our people have space to focus attention where it’s needed,” Tim says.


Selecting staff devices for the solution.

Device decisions are always interesting, Tim says: “There are staff who aren’t particularly choosy and others who are sure they need a specific device for their task. We can now talk through what they’re trying to achieve, and match them to a device and other technologies that truly meet their needs.

QUT selected HP Windows devices for the staff laptops. Administratively they were cost-effective and reliable, while they ticked the user desirability box too. HP also supplies a range of desktop and all in one computers for student computing and research labs, plus a very competitive warranty repair service.

Tim Morris, Service Manager, Client Technology Services and Support at QUT, says: “HP works with us and Compnow to showcase their products and technologies so we always know what’s coming up. And they’ve proved very helpful in advising us on how to make the most of their product range in our learning environment.”

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