Queensland University of Technology

Delivering an enterprise approach with a personalised experience at Queensland University of Technology.

The building of trusted relationships — both upstream to suppliers and downstream to users — has secured success for a transformative IT services project at the Queensland University of Technology.

Queensland University of Technology’s technology team creates a seamless working environment for QUT’s 5,000 staff and best in-class learning for its 50,000 students across two Brisbane campuses.

Watch the full case study on QUT’s journey below:

The Challenge

Decentralised device ownership across faculties saw the accumulation of a large fleet of expensive unused, unmanaged and unsecured devices. Staff needed personalised, fit for purpose technology.

The Solution

A centralised IT procurement and deployment structure for an enterprise approach with personalised user experience.

The Benefits
  • Achieved value from scale
  • Total asset control from procurement to end of life
  • Staff access to expert IT service for selection and use of personalised devices
  • Trusted partnership with Compnow’s business and technology professionals
  • Selection of IT supports QUT’s sustainability charter

Compnow was invaluable in suggesting approaches and describing the art of what’s possible from its experience working with universities across Australia. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Denise Fursman Project Manager
Queensland University of Technology


The Challenge

Each of QUT’s faculties and business units independently owned their own devices, leading to unique processes for procurement, maintenance, and replacement schedules. This approach resulted in many small tasks, costly device acquisitions, inconsistent service quality across the university, and adverse effects on overall productivity.

A transformation project was initiated to bring about a consistently high user experience and streamline procurement and deployment of the university’s 18,000 devices. New tracking and transparency would deliver efficient whole of life servicing programs.

Tim Morris, Service Manager, Client Technology Services and Support at QUT, says: “We went to market looking for a partner to help us revolutionise how we managed our fleet – a partner with demonstrable skills both to help us achieve centralised, enterprise scale with a customer experience focus so our staff could get on with being teachers, researchers and administrators.”


The Solution

In what has become a trusted, open and flexible partnership, Compnow and QUT designed new procurement and deployment services. QUT’s IT practices have been remodeled and refinanced to a centralised model.

Due to decentralised ownership, a significant number of unused and unmanaged computers existed across QUT with associated security and financial risks. Many staff had more than one device, such as a desktop and laptop or a device at each campus. The aim was for each member of staff to have a single device, with the benefit of vastly reducing the fleet.

The project team collated the business requirements and then automated the procurement and deployment service workflow. A Proof of Concept was used to demonstrate how the new program would better meet the needs of the university.

Denise Fursman, Project Manager, QUT, says: “Critical to the project was gaining the confidence of staff and administrators as they were being asked to hand over budgets and decision making. We kept talking to the faculties to ensure everyone was fully briefed and they felt heard and supported. That then translated into their support for the project and their involvement in the co-design a best practice solution.”

Device decisions are always interesting, Tim says: “There are staff who aren’t particularly choosy and others who are sure they need a specific device for their task. We can now talk through what they’re trying to achieve, and match them to a device and other technologies that truly meet their needs.

QUT selected HP Windows devices for the staff laptops. Administratively they were cost-effective and reliable, while they ticked the user desirability box too. HP also supplies a range of desktop and all in one computers for student computing and research labs, plus a very competitive warranty repair service.
Tim says: “HP works with us and Compnow to showcase their products and technologies so we always know what’s coming up. And they’ve proved very helpful in advising us on how to make the most of their product range in our learning environment.”

Compnow and QUT have integrated systems for end to end transparency. The workflows allow stock and the customer journey to be followed, at every step, from procurement to disposal. Nathan says: “At any time we can find where a device is, whether it is deployed or being repaired or repurposed.”

With 80% of tasks now automated, QUT can scale as never before. The team can move up to 100 devices and 150 displays a week. Device delivery once took up to two months and is now completed in two days. Three Compnow technicians are on site at QUT in deployment roles. “They’re aligned with our goals, they wear QUT uniforms and have our security accesses, so our people have space to focus attention where it’s needed,” Tim says.

Key to customer experience are the appointment booking system and choice as to when and where devices are activated — via zero touch Click and Collect or Deploy to Desk.

The use of technology at QUT has a make or break impact on its sustainability commitments. At the start of the project, the university had many older, less power efficient devices across the fleet. Through the efforts of Compnow and HP, QUT is moving to reduce its footprint and associated costs by shifting to more environmentally sound products, making selections that reduce packaging waste, and by ensuring devices are properly disposed of at end of life.


The Benefits

The Compnow partnership is essential to the success of QUT’s revolutionised procurement and deployment strategy.

Nathan says: “The broadening of ideas about how to solve problems is one of the most exciting outcomes from working with Compnow.”

QUT is now operating as a scalable enterprise. It can leverage better forecasting and pricing. “Because we’re buying significant numbers rather than small lots, we can get way better machines for similar, or even less, money” Tim says.

The university has achieved financial control over its fleet and can account for devices from procurement through to end of life.

“The new system functionality allows us to report accurately to the university in terms of responsible use of our resources and accountability regarding the changed model,” he says.

Nathan Clark, Associate Director at QUT says: “In working with Compnow we’ve proudly unlocked tremendous value through our sustainability shift”. Compnow’s SustainIT program receives out-of-date devices and recycles or repurposes them to stop landfill waste. With the returns, QUT subsidises new technology and contributes to the Student Equity Scheme through which socioeconomically disadvantaged students receive new devices as they start their tuition.

“The success of our efforts comes through in staff feedback. With us handling all the technology, the faculties are freed to do the work of faculties. They’re loving having access to our advice and the new efficiencies in our processes, that they have devices tailored to them and available at very short notice.”


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