Bring Esports to your school with The FUSE Cup

Today we are excited to announce CompNow is the Principal Sponsor of The FUSE Cup. The FUSE Cup is an international network of schools connected in providing students with an opportunity to participate in a safe, supportive & structured Esports competition.

With age appropriate games and a focus on digital wellbeing – teaching about controlling gaming addictions, gambling, sleep and more, with support from the Kids Helpline and The Office of the eSafety Commissioner – The FUSE Cup are a great organisation that we are excited to be partnered with.

What is The FUSE Cup?

The FUSE Cup is coordinated by leading, internationally regarded and respected educators with vast experience in implementing excellent programs within various school settings. The FUSE Cup are committed to providing all students with a fun, challenging and rewarding esports experience.

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Digital Wellbeing

The FUSE Cup work closely with leading organisations who offer support and expertise in assisting young gamers and families who are experiencing issues surrounding excessive gaming.

The FUSE Cup’s key partnership with Kids Helpline assists students in understanding where they can access free support services for any issues whatsoever. Anytime. Any Reason.


If your school is interested in improving your students wellbeing then please contact your CompNow Account Manager or message us through the Talk to an expert button below.

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