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Expert procurement smooths POS rollout at Sushi Sushi

Born from an idea to bring sushi out of expensive restaurants and into the hands of everyone, Sushi Sushi opened its first retail outlet in Victoria in 1998. 

Now, with over 140 locations across the country, it has become Australia’s largest and most loved sushi brand business. Its success is shared by a growing number of franchisees, currently sitting at 75% of outlet holdings.  

With a country wide refresh of its 140 outlets in planning, Sushi Sushi recognised that the on-time, well-priced delivery of each component would be essential to reducing disruption to franchisees’ businesses. As part of this re-branding exercise, CompNow’s procurement services smoothed the deployment of sleek new POS systems.

The Challenge

The rollout was caught in a global Intel chip shortage and CompNow’s procurement expertise was called upon to find a solution to the POS system delivery issue.

The Solution

CompNow used its industry influence to lift the priority for Sushi Sushi’s product allocation. It also sourced comparable POS terminals as a stop gap measure so the outlet refreshes could be completed on time.

The Benefits
  • CompNow leverages its industry standing to offer and deliver best, latest technologies
  • Professional pricing negotiation 
  • On-time delivery to meet project schedules

Compnow has proven to be a fantastic go-between during our outlet refurbishment project. They sourced the best fit equipment and negotiated the best price for us. And their on-time delivery supported our strict store reopening schedule. Their expertise minimised the impact of our refresh on franchisees’ businesses.

Melissa Halstead IT Manager
Sushi Sushi

The Challenge

Sushi Sushi’s aim is to push towards a fully franchised model. To do so it must attract new investors to its appealing and progressive food business. That demands continuing improvements to every outlet. Part of a country-wide store refresh was updating the nine year old cabled POS system.

Melissa Halstead, IT Manager at Sushi Sushi enjoys investigating where technology can bring about improvements: “The new POS system had to improve the experience for both staff and customers. That meant reducing transaction time, saving space and looking great.”

The Solution

CompNow proposed the built-in security, durability and flexibility of the HP Engage One All-in-One System. CompNow services include coordinating Break Repair Replace in conjunction with HP and holding buffer stock on Sushi Sushi’s behalf.

Sushi Sushi saw the HP Engage’s Wi-Fi integration as a big plus. If the internet goes down, staff can still dongle and link the store’s two screens. It also adds redundancy. The POS Windows 10 software is compatible with the organisation’s back end systems and is easy for Sushi Sushi’s IT team to set up and deploy.

Other attractions of the HP systems are “they look great and they’re easy to keep clean which is perfect for coping with the health and safety aspects of hospitality environments. And having no cables or wires solves our space limitations,” Melissa says. 


The Benefits

CompNow’s procurement expertise proved its worth as the rollout began. HP was impacted by the global shortage of Intel chips which delayed the fulfilment of Sushi Sushi’s order. CompNow, and its supplier network including Sektor, overcame the roadblock by sourcing stand-in equipment from around Australia.

“Our refit deadlines were to minimise disruption to our corporate and franchised outlets. Any hold up in re-opening is very costly in retail. So when there was a hold up in our POS deliveries, CompNow pulled out all stops to find us temporary equipment. We were able to complete the fit outs to meet the strict timings for store re-openings. And our new HP systems were installed as they were shipped to us. It was very reassuring to that level of backup, they made sure we had a workable solution,” Melissa says.

The HP POS system is to be part of Sushi Sushi’s expansion plans to double its outlets in Australia over the next 3 years. “The equipment specs will give us a seven year life and the minimalistic design covers our look into the future. CompNow has also proven it will be a vital procurement resource as we open more and more stores,” she says.

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