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Fast response procurement at RAA Group

South Australia’s Royal Automobile Association takes pride in keeping its 670,000 members moving, and in its rapid response roadside assistance.

Unfortunately, RAA wasn’t getting the same level of service from its supplier of laptops – the essential equipment used by the Association’s 1,200 staff across the State. CompNow’s procurement services have turned a four week wait into a 24 hour order turn around.

The Royal Automobile Association (RAA) of South Australia delivers a range of services – including 24-hour emergency breakdown, driver advice, motoring advocacy, travel services, and insurance – to 670,000 members. RAA operates from headquarters in Mile End, Adelaide and branch offices throughout the metropolitan area and South Australian regional centres, as well across to Broken Hill in NSW.

The Challenge

As a member and staff focused organisation, RAA’s IT team needed a new procurement model that would simplify the ordering process and speed up cost effective equipment delivery.

The Solution

CompNow’s consultative approach matched RAA’s needs to the best technology and pricing options. It streamlines delivery of pre-imaged equipment for frustration-free deployment.

The Benefits
  • 4 week delivery turn around reduced to 24 hours
  • Asset tagging for accurate lifecycle control
  • Cost effective purchasing
  • RAA IT team freed to work with the business and staff

Compnow were selected as our device procurement experts. Amy masterminded the move to this service model. She and the CompNow team have built a highly successful relationship that matches the values of our member and staff focused organisation.

Rod Brito Senior Manager, Technology & Telecoms Services,
The RAA Group


The Challenge

As a not-for-profit organisation, every dollar spent by the RAA Group is member funded. Members’ interests are at the core of every decision. And its culture is heavily influenced by service excellence as well as responsible, sustainable procurement.

In 2018, RAA’s staff laptop and associated equipment requirements were assessed in the light of these values. Its supplier was difficult to deal with and each device had to be built to order. “The process often stretched out to four weeks before they were delivered,” Amy Secomb, RAA Group’s Team Leader Service Desk, says. “That caused so much frustration and wasn’t a good experience for new staff. We needed something better than that!”

The Solution

All the elements required to streamline the RAA Group’s device procurement were identified in a consultative process. CompNow then assessed which device supplier best matched the RAA’s technical, pricing and delivery requirements. It then turned to the custom design of the ordering and deployment aspects of an automated portal, device imaging and asset labelling. CompNow also detailed how its resources could be activated for large scale projects.

The equipment option range and imaging requirements took into consideration staff needs and pricing to ensure the procurement service model was cost effective and had a significant impact on reducing time and frustrations.

“CompNow’s attitude is: let’s make this work – for you, for your members, for us,” Amy says.

After on-site testing and evaluation of support capabilities, HP was selected as RAA’s new vendor. CompNow and HP manage the full, sustainable lifecycle of all devices.

Migration began slowly as staff required new devices and then increased with a number of large number swap outs. In the first 18 months CompNow fulfilled 3,700+ orders for devices and associated equipment and services.

The RAA’s tailored CompNow portal automates ordering from standard bundles of equipment. Fixed pricing is maintained so no quoting is required and, with CompNow holding buffer stock of pre-imaged, asset tagged devices, the turn around is vastly improved.

“The Portal is brilliant. All the touch points from CompNow are quick and snappy. Within an hour we get the order confirmation and an ETA. I can check the status of any order without having to call – and that saves so much time and hassle on both sides,” Amy says.

For specific one off orders, she says an email to the CompNow Help Desk’s central address is quickly attended to by whomever of the knowledgeable team takes the ticket. “It’s fast, we have flexibility in what we can offer staff and it’s working out very well cost wise.”

“CompNow also designed funky asset labels for us – we get comments on how good they look. These mean we can track exactly what we hold for accurate licensing and warranty control,” Amy says.

CompNow’s experience in large scale deployments has come to the fore in a number of projects. A major swap out occurred in response to the warranty expiry of the old devices. Office relocations and the refit of the 60 person call centre have seen CompNow staff undertake the weekend equipment moves and upgrades.

While laptops are supplied to all office based staff, Samsung tablets are used in the patrol fleet. In a 120 device refresh, CompNow again proved its value by coming in with the lowest pricing for the tendered side project.


The Benefits

CompNow’s nationwide relationships with market leading suppliers and its buying power guarantees the best offerings for RAA.

“We’re very happy having CompNow’s great ideas for improving our workplace and our productivity.

“From weeks to just 24 hours – the order turn arounds of our imaged equipment are fantastic. Our team just takes delivery of the box and goes out to do the swap.

“With CompNow doing the heavy lifting, our small service team of four is available to focus on our business needs. We can personally look after our staff and help them get the most from their new devices.

“The big thing for us is the relationship with CompNow – with its individuals and as a business. They get us, we have similar cultures. They’re there to keep us moving,” Amy says.

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