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Microsoft training journey at Oxley Christian College

As a Microsoft Lighthouse school, Oxley Christian College has created a uniform, productive technology environment using the Microsoft suite and hardware range to support its vision. To capitalise on continuing investments, Oxley commissions customised training programs by CompNow to speed confident adoption by staff and students.

Victoria’s coeducational Oxley Christian College offers a complete learning experience to 1,000 students from Prep to Year 12. In a secure, community setting, students are encouraged to develop a commitment to personal excellence.

Watch the CompNow Training at Oxley case study below:

The Challenge

Oxley Christian College is a Microsoft Lighthouse school. Device and software training is key to rapid technology adoption and supports the vision and reputation of the school as a premium educator.

The Solution

The school is committed to having teachers and students on the same devices and Apps. This reduces technical and integration issues and so maximises valuable classroom time. CompNow’s customised training for teachers speeds ROI at the introduction of each new technology.

The Benefits
  • CompNow understands education generally and Oxley specifically
  • Addresses real world challenges of the classroom
  • Small group, hands on training customised for participant knowledge and use levels
  • Follow up check ins for confident, rapid ROI from Day 1
  • Training makes technology use a natural activity

It speaks volumes that Microsoft is happy for us to use Compnow trainers as we continue to evolve at a Lighthouse School. Quality, relevant training is what makes the difference when you’re looking for fast, confident technology adoption. It’s critical to achieving our vision for Oxley.

Charmaine Peck Manager ICT Services
Oxley Christian College


The Challenge

Oxley Christian College frequently reviews the fit of its ICT to the school’s vision. It leverages premium technologies to assist students develop the critical skills of flexible, analytical, reflective and creative thinking to solve problems, communicate ideas, organise activities and collaborate with others.

Charmaine Peck, Manager of Oxley Christian College’s ICT Services, says the school’s digital learning program and its technology adoption “has to mirror what we want for our students, for our school.”

“Our technology partners help us not only prepare Oxley for a positive future, but to also minimise the impact of change on our staff and student learning,” she says.

Training in the use of new devices and software is key to ensuring rapid, confident adoption. Oxley understands the value in training teachers on each new technology. It measurably improves return on investment and supports the school’s determination to leave no teacher behind.

To support the vision for Oxley, Charmaine says: “Our school leaders look for ways to build staff capacity. We work hard to bring everyone onto the same page. Investment in training makes our teachers comfortable with the new technology.

“From an IT management perspective, we’re putting the technology and support structures in place to help everyone step up. We just couldn’t do it without our Microsoft relationship or the assurance working with CompNow gives us. We are very much on the same page about the importance of training as a critical element of our digital program,” Charmaine says.


The Solution

Charmaine says: “We have great support from CompNow and Microsoft to match our school’s vision. They are the cornerstones of our digital program and do everything to help us deliver quality teaching and learning experiences.”

As a Lighthouse School, “it speaks volumes that Microsoft is very happy for us to use CompNow for our training”.

Over time, teachers have been moved from BYODs to provided devices. “The strategy for the introduction of each upgrade is to train teachers on the new devices first, and then deliver the same version to students six months later under the confident guidance of their trained teachers,” she says.

The latest refresh
Now on the third refresh of Surface Pro equipment, CompNow and Oxley’s latest procurement project oversaw the rollout of 157 Surface Pro 7 devices with Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, as well as fully integrated 50” Surface Hub interactive whiteboards into the newly opened Junior School. Oxley’s ongoing building program includes a new middle school which will incorporate 13 of the large 85” Surface Hubs.

No information overload, just straight to expertise
CompNow’s specifically designed programs come from an understanding that teachers have unique skill sets and know their subject areas. Its role is to give staff specific tools to enhance their classroom delivery.

Charmaine says: “The way training is delivered is crucial. Because CompNow’s people understand education generally and Oxley specifically they address the real world challenges of the classroom.

“From their discussions with our head of learning, CompNow’s team looks at how we currently work, then customises the training to address our teachers’ needs. The goal is to open eyes and create a passion for where the new device or software can add to their connections with students.”

The object of the latest training program was to introduce staff to the new aspects of the Surface Hubs, Office 365 and in particular the Microsoft Whiteboard App.


The Benefits

Charmaine says: “It’s incredible having CompNow in our school. The difference is that their trainers have teaching backgrounds. They’re wonderful presenters and are really clear they want us to be better teachers. Sessions are full of relevant tips and tricks – everything can be taken directly back to the classroom”.

CompNow’s sessions “are presented in comfortable and natural ways. They work, with small groups, from what our people know to what they don’t know. Our teachers and staff get to have a go and see things happen in real time. There’s time after the session to practice. And the trainer stays on site for them to check in with any further questions. The hands on experience of CompNow’s training gives staff the confidence to put all the new functionality into practice straight away.

“Staff are also given things to try in their own environments. If they get stuck, the trainer is on call to jump back in and demonstrate. Putting new material and ways into practice means our teachers’ expertise takes off immediately. Our staff come away energised and happy with the new ways of simplifying their work,” she says.

Professional development wins
Upskilling and technology provisioning the school is of real benefit to the teachers. Charmaine says: “I work with an incredible staff and am so proud of how we’re helping them fulfil their professional learning goals. It’s been amazing to see their confidence grow, not just with things like technology, but across all areas of the curriculum. The way they support each other’s growth and development as educators is second to none. We’re expanding our sense of team. No one gets left out or behind.”

Upskilling also extends to students
To increase confidence in using Office 365 and OneNote, a bespoke training program was devised for staff and students. “That solved a lot of issues. Now saving, finding and sharing files is just second nature,” she says.

On the same page
The integration of training with the introduction of each new device or app means less time is wasted troubleshooting issues and teachers are confident in their approach from Day 1.

Training makes the use of technology a natural activity. “I love seeing children come alive with learning. Having wonderful tools to help make that possible is essential. We’re so blessed by the technology we’ve had brought to us and the support from Microsoft and CompNow. They empower us do our jobs as educators so efficiently and effectively” Charmaine says.

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