Sargood on Collaroy

Sargood on Collaroy add IPTV quality to full accessibility self contained apartments.

When the fitout for the innovative Sargood on Collaroy was being specified, the requirement for the screening option was that it would be something more than just a TV for watching movies.

The in-room displays were also to be part of a fully accessible system, with iPad driven automation of the suites’ features such as heating, lighting and curtains.

Sargood on Collaroy is Australia’s first resort purpose built for people living with spinal cord injury. Designed with full accessibility, the property features 17 self-contained apartments overlooking Sydney’s Collaroy Beach.

Sargood on Collaroy is proudly operated by Royal Rehab, a leading rehabilitation and disability support provider and registered non-profit organisation, that brings over 100 years of experience to Sargood. This is all in conjunction with the Sargood Foundation and iCare.

The Challenge

The vision of Sargood is to provide the ultimate holiday for those living with significant physical limitations. It is about sophistication and providing top of the line equipment.

The Solution

Tripleplay’s IPTV was selected as an essential component of the hotel’s accessibility platform.

The Benefits
  • Top of the range TV system for the 5-Star resort
  • Integrated with in-room iPad controller for guest accessibility
  • Content easily & centrally controlled
  • Trusted CompNow sales & after service

The vision of Sargood is to allow those with SCI to enjoy time with their family, learn and take part in activities with their peers, all in a fully accessible, beautifully appointed property with top of the line equipment.

James Dakin Resort Manager
Sargood on Collaroy

The Challenge

James Dakin, Resort Manager of Sargood on Collaroy says: “Sargood on Collaroy has changed how guests with SCI go on holiday with their family and peers. We can tailor equipment, personal care and activities to each guest, as we know that one-size-fits-none.”.

As an indication of the property’s unique achievements, its construction triggered a change of existing standards for accessibility, which assumed everyone has the same accessibility needs.

Guests can book in for up to 28 nights and rooms are configured and equipped to each person’s preferences and physical needs. “We provide a stress-free holiday, where guests with SCI no longer have to travel with bulky equipment or hire their own carer; it all comes with their deluxe accommodation package. High end care and equipment, located in a premium location that would be envy of any hotel” James says.

The Solution

The specifications were for a top of the range TV system that allowed guests to take their pick of movie and digital free to air channels.

Following a recommendation from Sargood on Collaroy’s operators, Royal Rehab, Tripleplay’s wall mounted 1200 mm IP Television (IPTV) screens were selected for each of the 17 guest rooms and an additional three for the hotel’s public areas.

CompNow was brought in at Sargood’s design stage, to work as part of a multi-disciplinary, multi-vendor team. This collaboration was to ensure the three-month fitout was completed on time in March 2017, for the first guest check-in.

The IPTV network, associated switching, and the Tripleplay screens were installed and tested to run with iPads as the controller. CompNow undertook the integration between the Tripleplay screen and the iPad controller – which can be operated by hand or a specially designed chin button for switch-scanning control. This iPad is used by the guest to not only operate the TV but also the air conditioning and lights, and to open and close the doors and blinds.

The inbuilt flexibility of the Tripleplay offering enables content from a wide range of sources to be distributed across Sargood’s IP network to each of the digital screens – “and we’re very happy with them,” James says.


The Benefits

The ‘more than just a TV’ Tripleplay solution meets the vision of Sargood to be Australia’s first fully accessible resort for people with spinal cord injury, where it’s about the guest request, not doctor’s orders.

Sargood is planning to add the resort’s daily activities, room service and menus to the screening channels. “What traditionally has been on paper or a whiteboard, we’re moving to our IPTV displays. It’s immediate, easy and centrally controlled – and that’s of benefit to guests and staff,” James says.

Tripleplay’s scalability is also coming to the fore as Sargood is to add further screens as part of a new AV facility for its conference room.

“Due to CompNow’s exceptional efforts, we overcame the tricky new-building problems we encountered as we fitted out the hotel. So we trust not only their sales but their after service. That’s why we’re choosing CompNow to expand into the audio visual project for our conferencing areas,” James says.

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