State-wide tailored Professional Learning for all at WAECSSA

The WA Education Corporate Services Staff Association provides future-focused, empowering support and professional learning to members. 

Professional Learning sessions on the Microsoft Suite, customised and presented by CompNow, achieved the tangible benefits of increasing attendee confidence and capacity building in required workplace skillsets. 

The Western Australian Education Corporate Services Staff Association (WAECSSA) is a high profile, pro-active, volunteer organisation assisting the 2000 administration support staff working in government schools throughout the State. 

The Challenge

Professional Learning to maximise use and build consistent depth in understanding of the Microsoft suite being rolled out across WA’s 800 state schools.

The Solution

Sessions covering O365, OneNote and Teams, customised to the specific workplace needs of school administration managers.

The Benefits
  • CompNow training designs and builds coursework from audience current abilities
  • Confidence in drilling into all the functionality relevant to role
  • Tangible benefits to members
  • Flexible delivery for large and small groups onsite and online

For our member events we draw on speakers who are leaders in their fields. Compnow’s Office365 Professional Learning day was tailored to provide our delegates with the relevant methods, tips and tricks around the suite’s functionality that would make their jobs easier.

Sonia Nelson Vice President,
Western Australian Education Corporate Service Staff Association


The Challenge

The Department of Education (WA) had adopted the Microsoft suite for all state schools but was incrementally rolling out the functionality.

At the introduction of the new Apps, the Department included basic training but WAECSSA saw a specific need to offer school administrators and office managers a deeper understanding of Microsoft 365, OneNote and Teams, relevant to their roles.

To know all of the functionality, they need to be able to drill into it & use it confidently.

Sonia Nelson, Vice President of Western Australian Education Corporate Service Staff Association (WAECSSA), says: “Office managers are employed in schools all over West Australia in full & part-time roles, and who often work remotely. We were looking for a way to help our members make the most of the new technologies being introduced by the Department”.

Outside her pro bono role at WAECSSA, Sonia works full-time as Manager Corporate Services at Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School so had first hand knowledge of what skillsets school support staff require – and there are many.

The Solution

In consultation with WAECSSA, CompNow customised a certified training offering of two, two-hour sessions within a wider, day-long “Office 365 Tools & Tricks” event to be held at a Perth venue. Office 365 and OneNote had been rolled out and was in use in WA schools at the time of the event. And Teams was included in the training as WAECSSA knew that technology would soon be available.

CompNow has deep experience in the Australian Education sector. From its global network of partners, it is aware of the latest trends. CompNow Professional Learning instructors match best practice to client workflows and scenarios.

“The existing OneNote course was aimed at teachers but CompNow was happy to adjust the content to the context of school managers. The flow of the explanations and the language the CompNow trainer used followed the way we work, it was all relevant to us,” Sonia says.


The Benefits

The registration of 86 WAECSSA members to the first O365 training event “confirmed the need for this directed, technology-focused Professional Learning,” Sonia says. “Both sessions were very well received. They gave our members real confidence in using the new suite”.

In the post-event survey, CompNow’s presentations rated highly for relevance and applicability to delegates’ roles.

“Whether covering security, spreadsheets or collaboration tools, all the tips and tricks fitted our workplace. Plus our members were given effective advice on things like file sharing, Chat vs Conversation and using the planner. The O365 session really helped ease concerns over moving from email to more efficient Teams. These tools are so important for making the most of our members’ efforts and time.

“I was particularly into the OneNote and Teams sections because, for me, it makes such a difference having full access to these collaborative tools. As an example from my school – where our School of the Air staff are often moving between remote camps and home visits – it’s brilliant knowing how to get the most from our Microsoft suite. The teachers and admin managers can create information and I know it’s there immediately, for the right people, in the right place,” Sonia says.

From this success, once clear of the disruption caused by COVID-19, WAECSSA plans to do more training via CompNow. The first project will be to develop online sessions which will be of great assistance particularly for members working outside Perth.

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