The Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific

Streaming true hospitality at The Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific

As part of the international IHG Hotels group, the Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific has responsibilities to generate high returns for its parent, while assessing all possible customer experience improvements to offer True Hospitality to every guest.

Ongoing investments in its in-room IPTV based services contribute to both goals – particularly as the latest update is set to save the hotel $35,000 per year.

The 199 room Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific (CPTP) is a 4.5-star facility on the NSW central coast. It is part of the international IHG Hotel group that operates under an asset-light strategy. As a franchisor, a manager and on a leased or owned basis, IHG can grow the business while generating high returns. Its tailored brand portfolio meets guest needs with a focus on True Hospitality.

The Challenge

The Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific was to extend the life of its IPTV investment, add functionality relevant to enhancing the guest experience, and cut costs.

The Solution

Upgrade of existing Tripleplay enterprise IPTV platform with the latest operating system and TV interface, plus the addition of Google Chromecast.

The Benefits
  • Offering the latest, highest quality digital guest services
  • Streaming service licences replaced with cost saving Chromecast
  • Tripleplay IPTV set and forget for time poor support staff

By taking a fresh look at what Tripleplay had to offer, we’d make sure our system retains relevance for our guests in today’s world. We were also interested in seeing how we might cut costs.

David Hayes Chief Engineer
Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific

The Challenge

CompNow was originally commissioned seven years ago to install the hotel’s IPTV environment. Based on the enterprise Tripleplay content management platform, software driven upgrades ensure the investment continues to return value. In late 2021, the next upgrade was planned with CompNow to further extend the life of CPTP’s Tripleplay system.

Where once there was an information folder in each room, now, a digital compendium is accessible via the in-room TV screen. The IPTV content delivery is the responsibility of the Hotel’s sales team. They engage the platform to communicate a wide variety of guest information.

David Hayes, Chief Engineer at The Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pacific, heads a team of six which provide technical support 10 hours a day, seven days a week. He has experienced the sound business sense of the original IPTV installation over the five years of his role at CPTP: “In all that time we’ve only needed to make small adjustments. I’ve got a thousand moving parts here everyday. We don’t have the bandwidth to look after anything else. We use Tripleplay as it has to be set & forget.”

The Solution

The Tripleplay upgrade would see a migration to the latest OS and TV interface. CompNow’s recommendation was to also install Google’s Chromecast which was to be integrated with the existing fleet of TVs.

Chromecast dongles, for Internet-streamed audio-visual content, are controlled through the hotel guest’s mobile device or personal computer via mobile and web apps. It is a sophisticated BYOD/BYOC solution and integrates with property management and room control systems for additional benefits.

This additional functionality was to leverage guests’ own streaming services, accessible from their devices, and to be watched using the in-room TVs. Guests connect through Chromecast to the QR code on the in-room screen. Whatever is on their device will stream to the TV.

“Our guests are already paying for the services they want to watch. It made so much sense for us to stop doubling up – to be able to drop off our streaming licences and enjoy the cost savings,” David says.

CompNow sent its Sydney engineers to Terrigal to carry out the upgrade works. The team documented the works carried out and demonstrated to the hotel’s engineers what had been completed. “CompNow came in and managed the whole thing. There was no interruption to hotel services while they worked, it was all done seamlessly,” he says.


The Benefits

This latest upgrade project has successfully extended the life of “something we’ve spent money on and improved our guest experience. That’s a good win for the business,” David says. “And for me too because I don’t have to touch it. The whole Tripleplay set up has been trouble free. CompNow was right. It just works as it should.”

David says the intention when installing Chromecast was to enable the hotel to eliminate per room rates each month for services such as Foxtel and save $35,000 per year: “So Chromecast simply pays for itself.

“And it’s a current, very appealing conduit for guests – it’s easy to work and connect to, particularly as nobody baulks at QR codes anymore.”

“For our salespeople, they just jump into the Tripleplay system and update information as needed. They welcome each guest by name, with individualised information confirming their preferences or needs. They can refresh a menu or let guests know who’s playing in the bar. All from their desk.”

David’s experience is that: “CompNow is always there for us. If we have a problem, they can fix anything, and straight way. As old TVs fail, we purchase stock through CompNow but install ourselves. There’s no lag, despite not being in the centre of Sydney. And they’re completely happy to work with us as we need.”

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