Tripleplay helping residents feel at home at Scalabrini

Scalabrini translates aged care sector research and world’s best practice into high quality care for its residents.

In commissioning its latest facility in Drummoyne, Sydney, Scalabrini approached the project with a sensitivity towards building a place where residents, and their families too, would feel at home.

Scalabrini is a not-for-profit provider of outstanding care to the frail aged and those living with dementia. It has seven residential villages across metropolitan and rural NSW founded on the Italian traditions of community, family, mutual help and Christian faith.

The Challenge

Scalabrini approaches everything from the perspective of its residents’ needs and preferences. Management of the multi-purpose, in-room screens was to enhance personal viewing choices and active participation in daily life.

The Solution

A reliable, simple to manage CompNow Tripleplay IPTV solution that fits Scalabrini’s vision to actively innovate and embrace change for the delivery of best practice aged care.

The Benefits
  • All the functionality of an easy to use hospitality offering
  • Personalised content and viewing choices making residents feel at home

In personalising our residents in-room screens, we're helping create their new home, not just making it home-like. Compnow’s Tripleplay system is perfect for our staff & residents as it’s so easy to use.

Natalie Scott Chief Financial Officer

The Challenge

As part of the Drummoyne fitout, 140 screens were placed throughout the public areas as well as each room of the three storey self care, assisted living and high care facility. Scalabrini was looking to incorporate a centralised IPTV management system with all the functionality of an easy to use hospitality offering.

The quality displays and their personalised content were to enhance the experience of the new property by residents, their families and staff. Residents would have choice in what they watched and how they used their in-room screens. Interactive functions would allow residents to order meals or make other requests of staff.

Operationally, the new platform was to enable staff to customise information pushed to each resident’s room – such as what appointments they had that day, messages from family or activities they may wish to participate in.

The Solution

The Tripleplay solution recommended by CompNow stood out above other options. With no in-room hardware required, it was easier to install and use. And the software driven system can be updated and added to as required. Under Scalabrini’s all-inclusive model, residents aren’t on-charged for Foxtel subscriptions. The distribution for personalised viewing is centrally managed using Tripleplay.

Scalabrini also needed to be able to send individual messages to residents – such as “Good morning, your daughter is at reception for you.” CompNow purchased and integrated the additional specific software into the Tripleplay solution.

Natalie Scott, Chief Financial Officer at Scalabrini, says: “CompNow’s familiarity with Tripleplay meant they could explain how and where we would benefit from its far reaching functionality. Importantly, they helped us identify those aspects of the system we should launch with and those which we could roll out over time as staff and residents became comfortable in the new surroundings and with using the screen-based technology.”

Scalabrini is committed to investing in the next level of IPTV training for staff and to widen the use of the system’s interactive components.


The Benefits

The Tripleplay display solution is a key element in supporting residents to “remain engaged, involved and enriched, so they gain the greatest quality of life available to them,” Natalie says.

Residents and their families are able to load their own content such as photos and home videos. “It’s so important for those in our care, particularly those with dementia, to have the calming effect of personal memories.

“Be it residents having access to the programs they want to watch, or staff sending reminders that the bus was ready for the day’s outing, this smart system is vital to us in creating a comfortable atmosphere.”

“The potential for our Tripleplay driven display system is enormous and fits the vision of our organisation as we actively innovate and embrace change to deliver the best in aged care,” Natalie says.

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