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Zutak personalising customer mindshare at Hicksons Lawyers

With Hicksons looking to review their App Development Platform at the end of contract term, CompNow introduced the highly cost effective, customisable Zutak option to Hicksons’ Marketing Team. Zutak offered the added value of intuitive use, expanding content creation opportunities and much needed efficiencies.

Hicksons Lawyers is a commercial law firm currently expanding on their traditional legal services with a business advisory arm to provide clients a complete service offering. Its 180 staff assist government, businesses and individuals throughout Australia and in Asia. Diverse practice groups operate from Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane, as they work across geographies and rely on smart technologies to connect with colleagues and clients.

The Challenge

To find an effective, efficient App development platform with affordable licensing.

The Solution

Zutak – the intuitive, cost effective, streamlined white label App publishing platform.

The Benefits
  • Massive cost savings
  • More responsive from the users perspective
  • Authentication abilities allowing for targeted content for various login groups 

Moving our highly successful App across to the Zutak platform opened us up to greater opportunities and efficiences, with the added bonus of being a huge cost saving for the firm.

Emma Markos Marketing Manager,
Hicksons Lawyers


The Challenge

Hicksons depended on a highly successful inhouse App to provide vital connections for both their client base and staff.

Emma Markos, Marketing Manager at Hicksons Lawyers says: “As the App’s licensing agreement came to an end, we took the opportunity to look for another vendor to find a more cost effective solution.”

Once the three-person marketing team had taken a close look at what App development platforms were now available, they realised there were other benefits to be gained from a move – mainly combining two separate versions of their current App into one. The first being a client facing knowledge hub, and the second for staff communications.

The hub is a one stop shop for contacts, FAQs, industry happenings and blogs. While the internal communication staff version supports Hicksons’ agile workplace with a vital contacts book as well as critical office news, information on upcoming events and other useful details to keep those out of the office informed and connected to the firm. Time was being wasted having to develop for separate computer and mobile formats.

The Solution

Zutak was selected to vastly improve control over content creation and user interfaces. The two separate versions of the App are now combined into a single communications platform. Without needing any coding skills, Hicksons’ marketing team simply and quickly publish content via the Zutak admin portal, with automated creation of the web and mobile formats.

Zutak licensing is hugely cost effective. This vastly superior product is supplied at a significant reduction in the cost of Hicksons’ previous software.

To smooth and speed the transition, CompNow’s Development Team converted all existing files to responsive HTML so they would be immediately compatible with Zutak. HTML templates were also designed for new content. “Our App was moved over to Zutak so quickly, and from a user viewpoint, it looked the same, there was no disruption,” Emma says.

The new authentication capability enables private, secure areas within the App. This introduces limitless content creation and communication opportunities – for both Emma and her team as well as individual staff members. This integrated piece also allows staff to sign on with the single sign using Okta cloud identity solution. Information for new starters is automatically updated. And the staff portal provides all specific information relevant to them. Using Apple’s Xcode and TestFlight gave the ability to stress test the application, and the authentication management of the app, before publishing on the App Store.

CompNow provided two hours of customised training: “It was really on point – the menu bar & favourites which we didn’t have before. We were shown how to make the most of the authentication entitlements and individualised content – for our clients, staff and practice groups. CompNow is a great resource to be able to tap into,” Emma says.


The Benefits

“Zutak is very easy to use. From the start, we just logged in and it was all laid out.  So the transition from our old software was uncomplicated.”

Other efficiencies introduced by Zutak are: “We don’t have to do the two lengthy uploads for each article. The dynamic formatting creates the file formats for us. We’ve cut so much production time,” Emma says.

Beyond the costs savings the switch to Zutak has delivered, “it is dramatically changing the way we work. We love the different logins for different types of people. They are a major catalyst for what we can do with the App,” Emma says.

Client content had in the past been more generic and open to everyone. The App can now be used to create expanding, client facing communication avenues such as tailored events, Q&A and powerpoints for attendees.

“This creation of secure, private spaces for sensitive material is very exciting. The App will be instrumental in Hicksons’ achieving its goal to continue to be a leading advisor to clients across diverse industry sectors. We’re after providing clients and staff with easy access to useful information on the go – especially in today’s ever increasing fast paced world,” Emma says.

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