Digital signage solutions for any industry

We can assist you setting up signage solutions from room scheduling, to wall displays, to wayfinding and anything in between. From simple signage to integrated, targeted solutions, our AV team are here to help.

We also have a fully integrated digital signage platform that allows users to dynamically control, update and deliver digital and video communications to a variety of end devices.

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Working with the best vendors

To maximise the quality of your meeting room technology, we work with the best vendors to curate a targeted solution.

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AV Managed Services

Let CompNow take the pain out of your onsite AV installation and ongoing management / troubleshooting.

  Level 1 Certified AV Helpdesk staff – on or off-site
  QR room code system for specific assistance
  Certified On-site Engineering Team
  Installation help
  AV Platform Training

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